Limitations on Copyright

The following acts do not constitute copyright infringement:[1] The recitation or performance of a work, once it has been lawfully made accessible to the public, if done privately and free of charge or if made strictly for a charitable or religious institution or society;[2] The making of quotations from a published work if they are […]

Copyright or Economic Rights

Subject to the limitations provided by law, copyright or economic rights consists of the exclusive right to carry out, authorize, or prevent the following acts:[1] Reproduction of the work or substantial portion of the work;[2] Dramatization, translation, adaptation, abridgment, arrangement or other transformation of the work;[3] The first public distribution of the original and each […]

Transfer of Copyright

The copyright may be assigned in whole or in part.[1] Within the scope of the assignment, the assignee is entitled to all the rights and remedies which the assignor had with respect to the copyright.[2] The copyright is not deemed assigned inter vivos (during one’s life time) in whole or in part unless there is […]