Copyright or Economic Rights

Subject to the limitations provided by law, copyright or economic rights consists of the exclusive right to carry out, authorize, or prevent the following acts:[1]

  • Reproduction of the work or substantial portion of the work;[2]
  • Dramatization, translation, adaptation, abridgment, arrangement or other transformation of the work;[3]
  • The first public distribution of the original and each copy of the work by sale or other forms of transfer of ownership;[4]
  • Rental of the original or a copy of an audiovisual or cinematographic work, a work embodied in a sound recording, a computer program, a compilation of data and other materials or a musical work in graphic form, irrespective of the ownership of the original or the copy which is the subject of the rental;[5]
  • Public display of the original or a copy of the work;[6]
  • Public performance of the work;[7] and
  • Other communication to the public of the work.[8]

Best Legal Practices

Obtain written license to use – Due to the exhaustive list of protection granted to a copyright owner, any business seeking to use a copyrighted work should obtain a written license. Depending on what may be agreed upon, there may be fees that will have to be paid to the copyright owner.


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