Deposit and Notice

Within three weeks after the first public dissemination of performance by authority of the copyright owner of works subject of copyright protection (literary, artistic, and derivative works), they are to be registered and deposited with the National Library and Supreme Court Library for the purpose of completing the records therein.[1] The registration and deposit is to be done by personal delivery or by registered mail two complete copies or reproductions of the work in such form as the directors of said libraries may prescribe.[2] Only the above mentioned classes of work are to be accepted for deposit by the said libraries.[3]

Certificate of deposit

A certificate of deposit will be issued for which the prescribed fee will be collected and the copyright owner will be exempt from making additional deposit of the works with the said libraries under other laws.[4]

If, within three weeks after receipt by the copyright owner of a written demand from the directors for such deposit, the required copies or reproductions are not delivered and the fee is not paid, the copyright owner is liable to pay a fine equivalent to the required fee per month of delay and to pay to the said libraries the amount of the retail price of the best edition of the work.[5]

Copyright notice

On each copy of a work published or offered for sale, a copyright notice may be placed thereon stating the copyright owner’s name, year of first publication, and, in copies produced after the creator’s death, the year of such death.[6]


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